Parenting Philosophy

Jun 102005

Robin had two awesome posts (here and here) describing a little bit about our philosophy of parenting. We are not trying to make anyone that feels differently than us feel like they are wrong in how they raise their own children, but instead trying to open a dialog with anyone who raises young children.

We feel that there is a lot more to learn about what is best for young children, and it is this reason that we would love to openly discuss techniques and philosophies that other care-givers have. Above all, one primary philosophy that we truly take to heart and are striving to apply, is the Non-Violent Parenting Philosophy. We even attend parenting classes at the Center for Non-Violent Education and Parenting that support and help us to work through the difficulties of parenting while keeping it all in a gentle and connected approach. One statement that the founder, Ruth Beaglehole made in class one day (probably many other times as well) was that:

“A child, even an infant, is a full  human being. Just because they cannot support themselves, does not make them any less complete as a human being.”

It took me a little while to swallow the full meaning of this small statement, but once I did, it gave me a profound new perspective on how I treat not only my on children, but any that I come into contact with.

Well, I could go on and on just about what we have learned at the center and from our dialogs with Ruth, but I would rather open a discussion about all (please only those that you feel are for the children’s best interest) your ideas.

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