Sep 182005

OK, so I know that:

  1. I haven’t made a post in a long time
  2. My three readers haven’t noticed
  3. This post’s title is anything but ground-breaking

…but anyway… I really dig the new side-bar feature in this version, and had to blab about it!

I have installed it on my laptop, home desktop, and even my development machine at work. I have only had one problem with it thus far, and it is with the Gmail indexing. None of my installs seem to get my Gmail. I did have Larry’s Gmail Indexer working on my machine at work until my gateway began blocking POP access . I submitted the problem to Google via their Contact Us link, but have not received a response (besides the auto one) yet.

The other thing that I am adjusting to is the full browser for search results as opposed to the Deskbar’s mini-browser.

Besides my gripes, it is really a slick interface that is beginning to transform the way I work on the computer.

Is it just me, or is Google beginning to sound more and more like the Borg…?

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