Voo2do Tray version 1.5

Dec 152005

After using Girish Bharadwaj’s Voo2do Tray Application (original and update) for sooo long, I decided to work on the excellent start Girish provided, and add a few things of my own. I by no means have come close to the amount of work he put into the first versions, but I did implement the following:

  1. All API calls are now done via the POST action.
  2. Added an About Dialog with version info and links to:
  3. Fixed the Logon to clear the previous logon info after a failed attempt
  4. Fixed a bug when a project has no tasks associated with it (thanks Shimon Wink)
  5. Added a “Save Login” feature to allow a user to store the email and password in their local user settings. When enabled, the login form is bypassed.
  6. Added a Logoff action incase you wanted to change your logon preferences 
  7. Added a menu link to the Dashboard URL: http://voo2do.com/dashboard
  8. One for developers… implemented Generic lists.

You can download the application (.NET Framework 2.0 required) or the source (Visual Studio 2005 solution).

A huge thank you to both Shimon for his awesome GTD web application and slick and simple Web 2.0 API, and Girish for his sweet little tray application that made this version possible.


UPDATE: Please use the following thread for the latest updates and instructions.


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