3rd attempt…

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Apr 152006

In reference to my last attempt, I found the the “Enable cross-posting” was not checked for the post itself… Embarrassed

Hopefully that was the only problem.

Second attempt to Cross Post to MSN Spaces

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Apr 142006

This time I am following documentation from:

The thing that was odd to me was the "blogId" API parameter that I believe maps to the "App Key" field in CS's Cross Post Add/Edit form. The second link above has C# comments that suggest this value should be "MyBlog", so I did that.

We'll see…

Testing out Cross-Posting feature

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Apr 142006

I am not sure if this will work, but I am trying to use CS's Cross-Posting feature to post this on my MSN Spaces blog as well.

We'll see…

Google Calendar

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Apr 132006

They finally did it!

Phew! ! !


Just Upgraged CommunityServer to 2.0

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Apr 102006

I just upgraded this site to the latest version of CommunityServer without much trouble. There were only a couple of WTF's, but got them all worked out today.

Sweet interface! Cool

Traffic School… well, it is my fault, but…

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Apr 062006

THIS BLOWS ! ! ! !

I think writing “I won’t speed.” 1,000 times would suffice, but instead me (a web developer) is trapped by a JavaScript enabled Online Traffic School (http://comedytrafficschool.com/) that I am unable to hack. I don’t want to cheat per say… I just want to by pass the 900 second wait time on every content page!

Oh well… ‘tis my punishment and guilty I was, so another late night with browser ticking away, awaiting the allotted 900 seconds per content page. At least tonight I have completed 85% of the course.

wahhhhn… wahhhhn… wahhhhn… wahhhhnnnnnn.