Jul 242006

OK, for those of you not familiar with myspace.com, you need not read on (you can crawl back into your internet-less cave Stick out tongue).

But… if you are familiar with it, then chances are you are also familiar with the frequency that they are anything but UP Super Angry.

So, this is my post to vent my frustrations with Tom and company!

  1. When I need to see something or post something, they're down
  2. For some f'd up reason, email notifications never happen for me (and they work fine for my wife who is on the same private email domain as me using the same email interface to maintain it).
  3. Just when I get my profile looking somewhat well formatted (very difficult task), they slap me in the face and strip away all my hard work.

There, I got it out.

Update: Downgraded my rant level to YELLOW (bit from Sasha)
See my new post for an explanation.