VSS and VS.NET battle it out

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Aug 282006

I do not remember what round we are in, only that both contenders look pretty tired and bloodied.

Why are these two applications fighting for supremecy? That I do not know either.

Today I had the basic task of getting the latest version of my team's projects inside our BUILD Solution and then publishing to our QA environment. Something that should not strike-up such a long drawn out fight, but it did.

Immeadiately after VS.NET completed getting the latest version recursively (and after I had filled up my jug o' water, checked email, started up all my robotic apps of productivity (Scott Hanselman & Lifehacker have contributed a few tools to my collection), and balanced the U.S. budget), I checked the Output window to see the list of VSS updates I had gleened. Low & behold I find new project items that were supposed to be for a branched project one of my developers has been working on. Curious…

Apparently when we setup his VS.NET Solution to link to the branched VSS location instead of the mainline one (used for release publishing), it was nice enough to offer up a cryptic dialog prompt asking wheter to use the Solution's bindings (which had none, who actually puts the VS.NET Solutions into VSS?) or the Project's bindings. My developer and I being of sound mind decided on the later of the two. This apparently was the opening bell to Round 1.

So when we thought that he was checking in and out to the newly created branch for his project, instead he was adding a week's worth of history into the mainline. Anywho, from that point he & I spent 3+ hours fixing what had transpired. He fought hard to force VS.NET into submission and to link to the correct VSS path, and I battled with VSS to roll-back the changes that I captured in Visual Notepad Wink  from a copy and paste of the Output (Source Control) log in VS.NET.

So who won the match you ask?

Ask me tomorrow…