Just got myself a CIA.com Email Address!

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Nov 282006

Found a little nugget this morning on DIGG describing how you can register your own email alias for the CIA.com domain for free.


I am even posting this blog post from the new email address I setup there via blogmailr.

I LOVE this country!!

P.S. – Yes I am aware of the fact that the CIA is on the cia.gov domain… I just think it looks cool and throws a lot of people off at first look.

Family Life Part I: The Bunk Bed Debacle

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Nov 222006

So now that our oldest daughter is growing too tall for a toddler bed, we decide to make the jump and get bunk beds for both of them.

We put the order in at a local furniture wholesaler about two weeks ago and then waited anxiously whilst purchasing all that goes along with new beds.

However, as luck would have it, upon delivery night we were surprised to find that the bed (yes singular) that was delivered was not a bunk bed at all. The company had ordered, delivered, and assembled upstairs in their room… the WRONG BED!

Robin quickly let me know and told me to stop the delivery guys. After a little call to the store, we identified that the wrong item was ordered. The delivery guys went back upstairs, disassembled the bed, and took it back to the store. This left us with a very disappointed family and a very empty bedroom right at their bedtime.


Enter the new BED-room…

Their new BED-room...

Yup, two twin mattresses side-by-side in a very small room.

At least there is enough space for a 5 year old to walk around the mattresses…