Britney Spears, Websidestory & Hitbox

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Feb 212007

I must say that the usage of Websidestory's Hitbox tracking API makes no more sense than Britney Spears' new haircut.

If it weren't for the fact that a company that I was completing a Web development project for required it, you would not be able to pay me to use this. I mean, even if you offered me all the Viagra in the world!

Even though the market value of such a large amount of popular pharmaceuticals would allow me to skip refinancing my home and let me purchase it outright, it just ain't worth the pain.

Maybe this painful interface has something to do with Anna Nicole Smith's recent death


OK, I think that is enough Google Juice for the year.

Hills that is…

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Feb 052007

Beverly Hillbillies

So I decided to make a change in jobs… It was not an easy decision due to the 40+ mile (one-way) commute, but I finally decided (well Robin & I that is) to make the switch.

I have been working at now for almost 3 years and have really learned a lot. I will miss many folks there after I leave in 3 weeks. This was also one of the factors that made the decision difficult. It would have been easy if they were a bunch of jerks who treated me poorly, but that is definitely not the case.

The draw to the new company was all about experiences that I would never get from my current company. Things like mega-volume, data-bottlenecks, large agile teams, global presence, and on and on…

So, at the end of this month I will begin a new adventure with this company in Beverly Hills that is happens to be owned by FOX. Their website is their business, and they have been steadily growing for over 3 years now.

Well, enjoy the song. I need to go update my myspace page…