Hills that is…

Feb 052007

Beverly Hillbillies

So I decided to make a change in jobs… It was not an easy decision due to the 40+ mile (one-way) commute, but I finally decided (well Robin & I that is) to make the switch.

I have been working at www.wordandbrown.com now for almost 3 years and have really learned a lot. I will miss many folks there after I leave in 3 weeks. This was also one of the factors that made the decision difficult. It would have been easy if they were a bunch of jerks who treated me poorly, but that is definitely not the case.

The draw to the new company was all about experiences that I would never get from my current company. Things like mega-volume, data-bottlenecks, large agile teams, global presence, and on and on…

So, at the end of this month I will begin a new adventure with this company in Beverly Hills that is happens to be owned by FOX. Their website is their business, and they have been steadily growing for over 3 years now.

Well, enjoy the song. I need to go update my myspace page…

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