Jul 302008

I just got up and while I was reading the tweets of last night, I heard the loud sound of the trash truck outside. Then it dawned on me. Isn't it wonderful that once a week, every week, all we have to do is roll all of the crap that we don't want in our homes out to the curb and it just gets taken away? I think I've been taking this weekly miracle for granted.

Do you think this process could be applied to our own lives as well? We could discard all of the things that cannot be used, or have gone bad, or emptied and cannot be refilled. Then once a week, get it all out; like to the curb, and some kind of big magical truck could come along and take it all away.

It was just a thought… one of those thoughts you get when you are no longer dreaming and not yet focused on the tasks of the day.

Well, I've got to go, I think I hear that magical trash truck coming now and I've got a whole lot of shit to get out there before it passes and I'm stuck with it in my life for another week. Bye.

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