May 312011
the plight of my klout score

the plight of my klout score

I tend to focus less on my social networks when I have my head down coding. This time however, its effect on my klout score is pretty dramatic. LOL

I guess this is just a consequence of the typical life:work balance, but I wonder how other tech professionals maintain such a high score while also paving new roads in their field.

A couple of examples of the type of tech peeps I’m talking about:

  1. Jeff Atwood – 73:
  2. Matt Cutts – 73:

Anyway, I’m not complaining here people. I am just confused about how others manage to keep up their tweeting/blogging while “deep in the cut” of some tech project.

Do any of you have any tips? Please speak up here and let me know.

  • Or perhaps the conclusion might be that those with the highest scores have way too much time on their hands? 🙂 Or independently wealthy…

    • actually, those two that I listed as examples have been very busy in the past year. That’s what boggled my mind bro. ;-}