Trying out Cross-Post for WLW

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Aug 142008

I have no idea if this will blow-up or not, but it is getting late and I don't have time for Unit Tests, so…

This blog post was composed in Windows Live Writer and posted directly to my blog on, but it is also summarized and cross posted to Live Spaces with a link back to the source post, and if that ain't enough… I added two posts to

  1. The first as a Blog post with title intact yet summarized with the link back to the source post.
  2. The second is a Micro-Blog post that states "New Blog Post – " [title]:[permalink]

If this works on the first try, I will follow-up with how the hell the magic is done, but until then, here goes nuthin!

*crosses fingers*

Voo2do Tray Update

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Dec 202005

UPDATE: This is no longer here…


I have updated the Voo2do Tray application to fix two features that I inadvertantly broke:

  1. Default Proxy Server settings should again be loaded automatically from your IE settings
  2. The Logon button is now again the default button for the logon form, so by pressing the ‘Enter’ key, you activate it.

Special thanks to Frisley Velasquez for his comment about the Proxy Server issue.

You again can download the updated application (.NET Framework 2.0 required) or the source (Visual Studio 2005 solution).


UPDATE: Please use the following thread for the latest updates and instructions.