Posting from Ubuntu + BloGTK 1.1

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Jan 302009

Not much to say more than what I've already included in the subject.

I just wanted to test this out and see if it works with my Community Server 2008 and how it renders.


Jan 142009

I was so excited and thoroughly impressed with the ease and wealth of features that I received when I switched my domain over to Google Apps to serve all of my email.

After the initial shock of: “ZOMFG Look at all the sh*t I get for freakin’ FREE!!!!” I then noticed that I could not enable that awesome Gmail Theme that I came to love oh so much. I also learned that there were no Gmail Labs as well.


Well… tonight I came across another article from the Gmail Blog about a new addition to the wealth of tasty treats the Gmail team has given us in Gmail Labs. Interestingly enough, the link to this article came up in my Gmail Web Clips. Was this an article announcing the release of Gmail Labs for Google Apps? No, it was just this one about the new Send & Archive button.

So Mr. Smarty Pants… why the post title about getting Gmail Labs in my more awesomer custom domain Google Apps Gmail interface?? Well… I’m glad you I asked. It is because the author of this specific post gave a link to take you to you normal Gmail account and load the Labs module within Gmail Settings. And this link, looked a wee bit different than how it normally shows up if you were to just click the link to it within the Gmail interface itself. So… I grabbed the Query String portion, and added it to my personal domain Google Apps Gmail URL (geez, can that get anymore verbose??). And voilà, I get the Labs module. And it stuck! After hitting that URL, Labs is always one of the links in my settings! YAY!

So, if you would like this über k3wL feature in your own Google Apps Gmail interface, just take this Query String:  



And append it to your personal Google Apps Gmail URL which looks like this:{YOUR-DOMAIN}/


…where you would of course replace the “{YOUR-DOMAIN}” with… oh… I don’t know… your domain maybe…? 😉

So the full magic URL would look like this (using my domain as an example):


Give it a try and let me know if it worked or not for you as well!

Thanks to a recent comment from Duane below, it appears that you also need something enabled by *you* in your Google App settings. Here is the link that Duane posted in his comment:

The meat of this post is towards the bottom that states:

The good news is that you can activate these “hidden” features in
Google Apps if you know where to look. As it’s not in the most
intuitive place, I thought I’d explain where to find it.

First go to manage your Manage this domain, select Domain Settings, then scroll down the General tab to the section called New Services and Features

Here you have two checkbox options for:

  1. Turn on new features (like group chat or colored labels)
  2. Turn on new features in this domain when they are launched to
    Google consumers (before Google supports them for organizations using
    Google Apps)

Switching these on should enable Labs in your apps settings.

Thank you Nic Price! And thank you Duane for pointing this out here!



Rich Mercer also pointed out to me that if you have upgraded to the Premier edition of Google Apps, then you have an additional option relevant to Labs:

If you go to the Service Settings->Email page from the domain dashboard and there's a checkbox to "Enable Gmail Labs for my users"

So… it looks like we (Nic, Rich and I) have covered all the issues that have so far been mentioned in the comments below. If you are still not able to enable Labs in your own Google Apps domain, please comment the details here, and we'll figure it out. Thanks again to Duane Haas for leaving a link in his comment.

I’m Finalizing the WLW Cross-Post Plugin

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Aug 172008

Sorry for the noise, but in order for me to truly test the latest modifications that I have made to this plugin, I need to use it. And when I use it, it broadcasts to just about everything I've got, so… sorry.


Gee… after my last post, I sure do sound like an annoying (micro)blogger today.

WLW Cross-Post with posts – Details

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Aug 142008

This is a follow-up post that I had promised regarding these two previous posts:


So… first and foremost, I only extended an existing WLW plugin developed by Daniel Cazzulino called Cross-Post (CodePlex source here). I found his implementation very easy to follow and well suited to boot-strap my idea for posting to's REST API. I also used (but modified to my liking) the C# Wrapper Class written by Adam Duffy (a developer at located here.

Now for the details of each component (Cross-Post plugin & API)…

Cross-Post plugin

The Cross-Post plugin was designed to take a just published blog post in Windows Live Writer (WLW), and then post it (optionally summarized) to all the other weblogs configured in WLW. For a full and complete description, please check the author's blog post that describes it:
How to cross post entries across blogs from Windows Live Writer REST API did a wonderful job keeping their REST API clean and simple. If you are not familiar with their site or service, they describe themselves in the following way.

" is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap."

They allow you to post to 22 (at the time of this post) different social/bloglike sites (listed here in no particular order): twitter, jaiku, facebook, myspace, bebo, tumblr, pownce, friends, message, mashable, brightkite, xanga, plurk, plaxo pulse,, friendfeed, blogger, hi5, kwippy, wordpress, livejournal

As far as their REST API, it is well documented here. The two methods my implementation uses are:

  1. user.validate: Validates the given user’s application key. This is how authentication/authorization works on their calls. The combination of the developer's API Key and the user's Application Key. I call this method when a user enters their key into the plugin's Option Dialog within WLW.
  2. Posts a message to the user’s services. This allows 3 basic methods, blog, microblog, and status. I make two of these calls for the cross-post.
    1. The first as a blog post with title intact yet the body is optionally summarized with the link back to the source post. This uses that optional "title" parameter of the "" method.
    2. The second is a microblog post that states:
      "New Blog – " [title]:[permalink]
      The best part about this is that automatically shortens all links greater than 20 characters long.


So what does it look like when it posts…?

Well… this post that I am writing now and you must be reading sometime later was posted using WLW and this Cross-Post plug-in. So it got posted as a full blog post here, and a summarized (200 characters) to the following blogs:

It was also posted as a announcement link on the following Micro-Blogs of mine:


Now all I need to do is complete me testing and fine tuning, then I can submit it first to for approval (that will allow for users other than me to use my API Key to post). Once that is done I can submit the plugin to the WLW Gallery.

YAY! I got the Cross-Post to work

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Aug 142008

I know that I promised to explain how I got this to work, but it is now too late, but I will get them details out later today at a normal hour.

For now, you can see the results by hitting up where this will cross-post to:

now… off to sleep.

Trying out Cross-Post for WLW

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Aug 142008

I have no idea if this will blow-up or not, but it is getting late and I don't have time for Unit Tests, so…

This blog post was composed in Windows Live Writer and posted directly to my blog on, but it is also summarized and cross posted to Live Spaces with a link back to the source post, and if that ain't enough… I added two posts to

  1. The first as a Blog post with title intact yet summarized with the link back to the source post.
  2. The second is a Micro-Blog post that states "New Blog Post – " [title]:[permalink]

If this works on the first try, I will follow-up with how the hell the magic is done, but until then, here goes nuthin!

*crosses fingers*

Voo2do Tray Update

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Dec 202005

UPDATE: This is no longer here…


I have updated the Voo2do Tray application to fix two features that I inadvertantly broke:

  1. Default Proxy Server settings should again be loaded automatically from your IE settings
  2. The Logon button is now again the default button for the logon form, so by pressing the ‘Enter’ key, you activate it.

Special thanks to Frisley Velasquez for his comment about the Proxy Server issue.

You again can download the updated application (.NET Framework 2.0 required) or the source (Visual Studio 2005 solution).


UPDATE: Please use the following thread for the latest updates and instructions.