What would you do for LOVE?

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Jul 182008

I've thought of this question before, but have not been really tested until recently. I'm beginning to feel that the hard road I'm on may go on for some time. My willingness to continue the journey is very strong. It is my hope that flickers so delicately with each passing breath from my lips. Yet as I inhale deeply once again, I regain balance and continue on this road with the flickering light of hope in front of me.


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Jul 162008

All of them. It does not matter the type of relationship, there is work involved in keeping the balance. Siblings, friends, spouses, partners… all of these have the possibility of harmony, and maintaining/achieving this is both the challenge and the journey of the living and breathing relationship.


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Grandma’s Garden

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Jul 132008

It has a natural beauty to it. The colors are full of life. How is this garden so vibrant? It is the love that is shared with it. Clumsy, imperfect care. Children overwatering, overpicking, and sometimes even trampling them. All of this in love. Are these actions mistakes? Or is it all just a part of life? One thing I do know for sure… grandma's garden is full of life and beauty.


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